Free Intensive Membership Training Series!

Learn how to use Sell Final Expense like a Pro with Creator & Founder Karl Schuckert and Co Host Ikumi Halverson, who shares the step by step approach for Marketing Final Expense!

Welcome to Day 1 of  the Free Intensive Membership! Enjoy and take lots of notes!

In this course we are going to give you tips and tricks on getting through the Life and Health Insurance Exam.


Skip this Course if you are Currently Licensed.

Looking for more training Check out our advanced NEXT LEVEL Membership!

Once you have completed all 5 days of the Intensive Membership you will have the opportunity to take it to the NEXT LEVEL, with our NEXT LEVEL Training! Caution this training is only for the serious marketers.

This site will not be available until you have gone though our 5 day Free Intensive Membership!