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February 18, 2020

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Not Licensed Yet? Watch this one first!

In this course Karl will review the ways to get licensed quickly as well as some great tips on taking the exam!

Unlimited Opportunity

The Final Expense Unlimited Opportunity? In this short intro you will discover what makes our industry extremely profitable and the math towards your income.

Unlimited Opportunity Part 2

Whats in it for me!  In this short episode you will discover what makes our industry extremely profitable and the math towards your income.

Find your WHY

In this course we help you find your WHY... Find/Make clear vision of what you want from life. Begin with the end in mind.

fade-leftfade-rightDay 2 of training

Work Smarter!

In this course we will review all the ways to work smarter and not harder! Some of our best stuff!


He or she who sees the most wins! Learn why drop "buys" work! Learn the correct approach to getting into that 2 inch gap between you and the inside of the home. Thats where the opportunity is.

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Presentation Structure

Learn how to structure your presentation in a way that maximizes your referral collection, closes at the right time and cements the sale. Make more money, collect more referral and prevent buyer's remorse.

fade-leftfade-rightDay 4 of training

The Warm UP

In this course Ikumi will teach you how she gets her prospects to open up with her. Gain their trust and you gain everything.

Referrals are the oxygen to blood

Referrals lead to more referrals! Make this your best tactics and you will never need leads!

fade-leftfade-rightDay 5 of training

Option Close

How to option close and ask for the business.

Get The Check

In this course we will go over how you should ask for the check!

    Cement The Order

    In this course you will learn how to keep your business on the books! Make every sale a success because it is in the best interest of your clients needs.

    Tools of the Trade

    Here you will find discounts on tools that you need for the trade! Pre-Negotiated Lead Providers, Sticky Notes, E and O Coverage plus more!

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