Final Expense Program Sales System

Ends Buyers Remorse, Making The Intangible need Tangible with this Final Expense Sales System

After a new client makes a buying decision, many times they start second-guess that decision. What’s really going on is that their ideal picture has changed from the benefits they wanted to gain from to the loss of security or the loss of money. That’s when “buyer’s remorse” sets in!

It’s an important part of any sales pro to cut off any idea by preparing them with the use of pain. This can be challenging to accomplish being we offer is an intangible or is not immediately available, yet it can be done.

The intangibles I’m referring to, is the need for a Final Expense Life Insurance plan. It can be easy to build true value in the clients’ minds because of the positive benefits of owning the plan, the way you can do this is with the use of our sales system. Our system is designed to help potential clients imagine and envisioned what the solution is to the need or the problem. The system was even built to assist your new clients that are not good at using their imaginations.

We teach you, to help your clients “experience” the benefits of owning the product by helping them vividly picture the pain and then the solution. Here is an example:
• “Let me ask you (Clients Name) who will be responsible when something happens to you? And when that time comes what is the last thing you want (beneficiary Name) to think or worry about?”
• “Isn’t it finally nice to know that when something does happen to you, all your family will ever have to do is tell the funeral director my mom or my Dad has a Final Expense Life Insurance Plan with XYZ Insurance Co. And at that point they will never have to think or worry about it? Everything is taken care of.”
Notice that neither examples mentions the word money. However, both insinuate the problem as the Money. Guess what, your clients are seeing or envisioning in these examples? The pain and the pain of their family during the worst time of their lives and not on what are the cost. When the need is huge enough, it does not matter what the cost is. Keeping your clients focused on what they will gain vs what it will cost them. I know you will sell more and you will keep more business of books this way. Which is what we all want in our business. teaches these strategies in our 5 Days of FREE Intensive Membership. We cover how the structure of your presentation should look like, How to get into the door, How to warm-up, how to collect referrals, how to close the sale, and how cement the order. Plus tools of the trade with discount on E and O, Continuing Education and many more. Then when you are ready to go PRO you can step it up with our NEXT LEVEL Membership. You will have to sign up to learn more!

Here is to your greatness in FE SALES!,
Karl Schuckert
AKA “The Final Expense Sales Trainer”

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