State Department of Insurance Links

Once you have decided you want to pursue a rewarding career in the Insurance Industry, your first step is to contact the Department of Insurance in your state. State Department of Insurance Provided below are links for each state depending on your residence. Before you take your insurance exam, most states require a pre-licensing training…

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Final Expense Sales Success! 3 Actions Will Change Your Life!

In order to help you find your Final Expense Sales Success. I need to ask you a kind of personal question, but let me ask..? When you are on your death-bed, would you rather have lived the lavish lifestyle you know you could have… Or wishing in the what ifs? What if I would have…

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Final Expense Program Sales System

Ends Buyers Remorse, Making The Intangible need Tangible with this Final Expense Sales System

After a new client makes a buying decision, many times they start second-guess that decision. What’s really going on is that their ideal picture has changed from the benefits they wanted to gain from to the loss of security or the loss of money. That’s when “buyer’s remorse” sets in! It’s an important part of…

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Final Expense Program About us Page

Final Expense Program About us

Final Expense Program About Us Page is the most interactive Final Expense Agent Sales Training on the web! We are a community of Top Level Insurance Professionals Specializing in Building up and Developing Existing and New Agents Nationwide. We also specialize in helping agents save money in Pre-Negotiated Final Expense Leads, Discounted E and…

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