is the most interactive Final Expense Agent Sales Training on the web! We are a community of Top Level Insurance Professionals Specializing in Building up and Developing Existing and New Agents Nationwide. We also specialize with helping agents save money in Pre-Negotiated Final Expense Leads, Discounted E and O, CRM APP as well as any tools designed to make you the most efficient and recognized Agent in your territory. This site will not offer any marketing of Recruitment from other agencies and it can be used by any agency or captive agency. Our Free Intensive Membership level is totally free, we know that you will enjoy it! was an idea conceived in early 2008, and it has taken Karl Schuckert nearly five years to get it up and running. Since then we have been expanding and leading the way in technologies built for the insurance agent. is Located in Reno, NV where Karl has been in the insurance business for over 10 years. He has earned many awards and was even quoted in the June 2009 issue of Senior Market Magazine under sales and marketing ideas, and was even a past spotlight agent for the another 2009 issue.

When Karl first started in the business it was with a captive platinum 400 carrier that specializes in Union supplemental benefits with a main focus on Final Expense benefits. “Every Plan I built had a Final Expense plan!” His Net to Gross was one of the best in the company as a top producer! This is where he got most of his experience. Collecting over $124K in premium his first year, while learning how to recruit and manage teams. He helped take a $20,000 a year office to over $2 million. And he helped open up 4 offices. Where he became a RGA Manager. “At this time the grass for some reason looked greener on the other side… So I jumped! That was like career suicide and it was the biggest mistake I ever took, however after about 3 years of struggling and living at the bottom I figured it out! And when I did, this business became even more rewarding.” “I do not recommend going down this path. If you have a good thing going like I did.” “This was why I always thought what if there was a place you could go and get the training you need and the support you needed so that you can improve your chances of success. You know when you are on your own you are on your own. That can be lonely and hard on ones will.”

We have over 411,500 active Life Insurance Agents in America according to Bureau of Labor statistics these are the people that work for captive agencies with an income of $21K-$47K a year and a small 10% made over $100K in 2010 according to wiki answers we have 1.2 million this includes both captive and non captive. This also included part timers and people that only kept up their licenses. Based on the numbers 80% make less than $25K a year. The other problem that came up at a LIMRA conference was that the average age in our industry was 50+ when the national average being age 36 in other industries. Now with our ageing population and the boomers starting to retire at a pace of 10,000 people a day. There is an inherent need to find and train new and young people.

Karl Realized that as a huge percentage of agents are failing to pay the bills. That was why he decided to build this site. To service agents needs for training, support and for systems that have been proven to work over and over again. Regardless of your experience you will find ways that will help you build your business.

At you will learn many facets of our business and you will get access to new technologies that help agents work smarter, save time, money and understand where he or she is profiting from. So that the agent can scale up once he or she understands this. We’ll help you find the answers to thrive and succeed in todays environment. Because after all the opportunity is here now!

Have Fun selling!