Final Expense Sales Success! 3 Actions Will Change Your Life!

In order to help you find your Final Expense Sales Success. I need to ask you a kind of personal question, but let me ask..? When you are on your death-bed, would you rather have lived the lavish lifestyle you know you could have… Or wishing in the what ifs? What if I would have taken a different direction? What if I would have done this or that? The worst part about this will be your answer to these questions. Again, these words are just words until you put action to them. This is why I have decided to live my life based on these 3 things! I know if you do, you will get everything!

1) Have a Passion!
2) Take Action
3) Continuing Education

Let’s talk about the 1st one! Passion! You must have burning desires to be successful regardless of what you do. I also believe you need to have a few burning desires, not just one but a few. At least have one for your personal life and one for your work life. In some very special cases, both can be the same. You should believe in what you do and that you are making a difference. This will help you live a more meaningful life! In our business, we have the chance to make a difference in other lives. We are the one’s that can alleviate the stressful financial burden of Funeral Expenses, Income Losses, Family Expenses and Extra Living Costs! Even if we don’t always get to see it! In our “Find your why” video on the first day of the Free Intensive Membership, this is a great place to start in figuring out your passion! To have a more purposeful and meaningful life you need to do something about it, towards it. Which leads me to the next one!

The Second one is to take Action. And not just action, but Massive Action! Make the decision to be successful! When you see the light… Go for it! If it just feels right… Go for it! This is easier than it sounds! Working for someone else for the rest of your life is much harder! The problem is there are a lot of people who just sit back and watch others go out and make it. When they themselves have everything else regardless if they believe it or not! It is just a shame! I have too many people in my life that have the talent, they have the ability and they have the mind! Only thing is they are scared of success or they are afraid of failure! Some hold themselves back because they are scared of how others perceive them. What a waste of time. Time is too precious to get lost in our emotions. For most people they are brained washed that they need to work for a living, because they think of themselves as if they can not be a successful business owner. If this is you and you want to go for it… Then go for it! Immerse yourself in your business or personal dreams! Our Industry is a great place to get there and the timing can not be any better! There is so much low hanging fruit to pick! But you gotta be hungry. You have to have a hustlers ambition! Work hard now so you can enjoy your time spending it with the ones you love the most. Sure, you can do that now. But if you are broke, I can guarantee that it is not the type of quality time you wish you could be enjoying with them! At the end of each day you will get more of a sense of accomplishment!

Last is continue your Education! Even the best teachers are still continuing their education. I believe there are two types of education as well. One for business and the other for your personal life. Like I said before in special cases they can both be one in the same. The day you stop learning is the day you die. And it is up to you on what you stick in front of you. It could be a book that is building you to be a better you. It could be an educational program or even a class online or off. Or it can be some TV show that gets ZERO brain waves moving. We are creatures of habit and if that is what you have been doing, you need to make some changes if you want to see them in your life! One of the best decisions that I did was to cancel cable. Sure, it was hard but It saved me some extra cash about $1200 a year and it got me to read more books plus spend more time online learning! I also got to spend more quality time with my spouse and the people who I care the most for. I can always turn the cable back on if I want to. At this point I do not even want to. I get way more stuff done and as I look back, I’m not feeding my mind with brain-dead crap! Now I do still watch some tv occasionally. With Netflix and Hulu and if I have something I like to watch, I can just wait a year or two for them to come out. It is just not that important to me anymore. Even Facebook which I like for keeping in touch with old friends. However, I do not let it consume my time and take away from me becoming the best me possible!

Alright Folks, I have to run! I really hope you took this to heart and you use this to figure out what it is that you are doing!

Thanks for reading!
Karl Schuckert
AKA “The FE Successful Maker!”
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